A Theatrical Endeavour

The Streets of Barangaroo is part of a growing cultural ribbon that weaves along the harbour's edge and connects a number of unique artistic and cultural experiences. Read on for a look at how Sydney Theatre Company continues to be one of the city's cultural centerpieces.

"​There’s something very emotionally charged about sitting in the dark with a room full of strangers sharing an experience that’s designed to stimulate your senses,” says Patrick McIntyre, Executive Director of Sydney Theatre Company.

Very few forms of artistic expression have the historical legacy of theatre. From its birth as a respected form of cultural storytelling thousands of years ago in the stony amphitheatres of ancient Greece, little has changed in the ability of theatre to move, challenge and entertain us.

As the opportunities for artistic and creative experiences continue to evolve and grow on The Streets of Barangaroo, this corner of the city on the harbour is now Sydney’s undisputed arts precinct, where public art, cultural experiences, social events and artistic performance will be served daily for all to enjoy.

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Theatre, perhaps more so than any other artistic expression, is storytelling in its most literal form. Every performance tells the story of people and places. The stage is a canvas on which we see both past and future; and a cultural mirror that can reflect the identity of a city back onto itself.

As Sydney’s social traditions go, the theatre is as significant to the persona of our city as going to the cricket, or dining out at seasonal noodle markets.

“The demise of theatre has been regularly  predicted for decades,” says Patrick. “Every innovation in entertainment was meant to be the death of live theatrical performance, yet the theatre continues to grow and cement itself as a profoundly unique expression. At its best, you leave a theatrical performance changed. You’re given the room to explore your own beliefs. Very few other experiences can deliver this level of profound engagement.”

The challenge for theatre, like any other art form, is to remain relevant to a modern audience. “It’s not always about deep reflection,” adds Patrick. “Some plays have the sole intention of making you laugh, and work that was written decades ago can still be just as engaging today. Our job is to make these stories fresh, in a way that resonates with our city.”