Art Ninjas at Barangaroo with Nobumasa Takahashi

From Japan to Sydney, for 3 days only.

In partnership with ArtsPeople, we were delighted to host Tokyo-based Japanese artist Nobumasa Takahashi at the Barangaroo Street Fair ​in November 2016. 

In the lead-up to the event, Nobumasa  illustrated a sprawling metropolis in his unique 'Japanese graffiti' style, using a blank 40-metre long construction hoarding as his canvas. On the day of the Barangaroo Street Fair, over 700 ​participants then helped bring ​Nobumasa’s grey cityscape to life, adding their own colourful drawings to the illustration.

If you missed out on watching this piece of art magic unfold, you'll want to watch the short video below (courtesy of ArtsPeople). And if you're keen to get up close with the artwork and see it in more detail, come down to the northern end of Wulugul Walk (just outside Cirrus) and check it out!

Art Direction: ArtsPeople
Photography: Haline Ly & Vlad da Cunha
Video: Dom Kirkwood