7 Must-Try Breakfasts

From Monday through to Sunday, we've got your morning meal sorted.

For some people, it's catching some waves at sunrise. For others, it's an energising yoga session. But for most of us, the best way to start the day is to make sure our bellies are satisfied with a hearty, filling breakfast!

Whether you daydream about 63 degree eggs, or are powerless before a stack of pancakes, the day's first feast ​shouldn't be underestimated - so here are 7 breakfasts at The Streets that will help get you through the week.


The "I'm starting the week off right" brekky bowl at Verd

You're feeling refreshed from the weekend, your footy/netball/quidditch team won in extra time, and you're ready to hit some home runs at work. Kick start your week with Verd's house-made macadamia, maple and inca berry granola, topped with COYO (that's coconut yoghurt, for the uninitiated), fresh fruit and a berry puree. 

Brekky Bowl


The "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" bagels at Campos Coffee

Monday went well? Tuesday's going to be even better. You're flying higher than Leo Dicaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, and a fresh Brooklyn Boy Bagel with a perfect schmear of cream cheese (and a double ristretto) is the perfect match for your New York state of mind.


Image: Broadsheet


The "8:30am meeting" fruit loaf at The Precinct by Toby's Estate.

You're about to duck out for a bacon and egg roll (hey, it's not Friday yet...), but then you remember that early meeting you've already pushed back twice. It's probably not acceptable to be covered in egg yolk and BBQ sauce while you're talking about next year's business plans, but you can still act professional with this pimped up fruit loaf, served with lemon-whipped ricotta, fresh figs, stewed rhubarb and a drizzle of honey.



The "Is it Friday yet?" crepes at RivaReno Gelato

Sure, they're covered in gelato and Italian chocolate sauce, but crepes are totally acceptable for breakfast - especially since you went to boot camp this morning (right?). Head to RivaReno and watch these babies being made right in front of your eyes - then grab a ​fork and dig in.

RivaReno crepes


The "​​what time did I get home?" bacon & egg roll at Shirt Bar

So you went to NOLA for a quick glass of wine last night, proceeded to treat the cocktail menu like a ​7-course degustation, and ended up staying until the house lights came on. The only cure for this morning? We think you know.


Image: @demlee_


The "empty fridge" ​Sicilian baked eggs at Bel & Brio

It's a sunny Saturday morning, you've opened the fridge door, and ​realised there's not much you can make with bi-carb soda, dijon mustard, half a can of Red Bull and some leftover spaghetti. Bel & Brio's baked eggs with organic tomato sauce, pork and fennel sausage, kale and pecorino are starting to sound pretty good, huh?

Italian style baked eggs


The "#foodporn" ​croissant royale at Devon Cafe

We assume you've been sharing your breakfasts on Instagram all week for everyone to see - so top if off with one of the new breakfast items on Devon Cafe's menu. We recommend their Croissant Royale, filled with creamy scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh WA truffle.


So there you have it - 7 delicious ways to start your day right. Now, we're not saying that you should break up with that jar of Vegemite or bag of muesli at home, but if you're in need of something sweet, savoury, healthy or a little bit naughty - you know where to go.

Happy eating!