Discover exotic ​Turkish flavours and hospitality

Few people embody Sydney’s passion for international cuisine more than Somer Sivrioglu. The Istanbul-born chef has been winning awards and praise for his deliciously genuine Turkish cuisine ever since he opened the original Efendy in Balmain in 2007: ‘three stars’ and ‘best breakfast’ in the 2014 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Under $30 Guide; and ‘best dish’ in the 2012 Taste of Sydney festival to name a few. He was the ‘go-to’ Turkish chef for the 2012 season of MasterChef Australia, and recently co-authored the cookbook, ‘Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish Cuisine’, with 150 exotic Turkish recipes.

For Anason, Somer has drawn inspiration from his waterfront location at Barangaroo, ​promising to deliver a truly authentic Anatolian experience, serving the rich culture, colour, vibrancy and hospitality of his home city on a plate. “Growing up in Istanbul, I always wanted to be closer to the sea so my new restaurant at Barangaroo will be a bit more influenced by the sea,” he says. “It will also be slightly more casual because I want a really vibrant atmosphere. From the moment my guests walk through the door, they’re not a diner, they’re a guest. It’s like I’m welcoming them into my home. I want to transport them to Turkey, to what a happening restaurant or bar in Istanbul would look like today.”

Anason's sophisticated menu brims with Bosphorus seaside mezebar influenced mezes and exotic combinations: charcoal octopus leg with mastic and couscous; cherry tuzlama with dried wild weeds; lamb short fillet with eggplant begendy; while desserts such as the buffalo milk yogurt, honeycomb, and pistachio are the perfect finale. Traditional sesame ring simits, the quintessential pretzel-like street food of Istanbul, will be baked at the custom-made saj oven and served from the cart imported from Turkey, also available as takeaway for passers-by. Imported Turkish wine, beer and raki will complement the Turkish coffee - made with the best Yemeni beans and roasted locally, it will change the way Turkish coffee is perceived in Australia.

Anason is now open on ​​Wulugul Walk for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.