​Barangaroo ​Reserve

Soak up Sydney's new harbour parkland

It’s not every day a city has a large, unimaginably picturesque parkland created for all to enjoy. And it’s even rarer when that land commands prime position on the world’s most beautiful harbour.

Barangaroo Reserve is Sydney’s new harbour foreshore park, restored to echo the original landscape and spirit of the headland. Six hectares of lush green parkland, native vegetation, walking trails and world-class community facilities will make this an iconic place and space for city workers, residents, visitors and indeed all Australians to savour the best of Sydney.

For the workers, residents and visitors to The Streets of Barangaroo, the incredible new parkland that is Barangaroo Reserve introduces a very special ingredient to the Barangaroo experience. Situated only a short walk along Hickson Road, it’s a unique opportunity to enjoy one of Sydney’s most beautiful natural reserves each and every day. Watch the sun rise over the harbour during a quick early morning walk; hit the new running trails during your lunchbreak or simply recharge the body and mind watching sail boats glide by while perched on the sandstone-block shoreline.

It’s Sydney’s new place to relax, picnic, exercise or simply savour the unique ethereal beauty of the harbour.

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