Not Your Average Cuppa

Discover how The Rabbit hole is leading
the reinvention of tea.

Slick single-gear bicycles parked on the street are usually a sign there’s a hip café nearby. And in the case of The Rabbit Hole, it’s a beautiful white-framed fixie with yellow trim. The only difference is The Rabbit Hole is not a café. No, this is a temple to that other brew – tea.

Before stepping inside The Rabbit Hole, we suggest you forget everything you thought you knew about tea. Owners Corinne Smith and Amara Jarratt have made it their life’s mission to celebrate the wonders of tea, and create a product that is as pure as it gets.

“Our goal is to serve the best cup of tea you’ve ever had in your life,” says Corinne. “We follow a very artisanal philosophy, which means everything is made by hand, and sourced organically and seasonally. The best chefs are doing this with food – why shouldn’t it be the same for tea?”

Bespoke Blend - High Res

With something as simple as tea, there’s really no hiding, and it all starts with the water.

The Rabbit Hole's brews are made with filtered water, and boiled to a unique temperature that suits each individual tea best – hotter for black teas, slightly cooler for white and green teas. Loose leaf ingredients, sourced from all over the world, are packaged up into individual tea ‘sacks’ made from unbleached paper to order – yes, your tea bag is hand made on the spot, and brewed for the optimal time before being relinquished into your care. You don’t make the best tea in the city by taking shortcuts.

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So, what’s new for autumn? “There’s a sublime premium green tea from China called ‘Dragonwell’ which we’re adding to the menu,” says Corinne. “It’s in season now and at its best.” There’s also a green tea noodle soup, designed to warm the senses when the temperature starts to drop. And for those in search of something a little more exotic, the allure of the ‘Russian Rabbit’ is hard to beat – a smoky black tea blend served with raspberry jam as per Russian tradition, also available as a latte.

In fact, The Rabbit Hole have pioneered the idea of tea lattes as a healthy alternative to coffee, designed specifically for those in absolute need of that daily caffeine hit or afternoon craving.

With nippy mornings and cooler afternoons ahead of us, The Rabbit Hole’s true raison d’etre becomes clear: taking a moment to stop and savour the moment, one sip at a time.

The Rabbit Hole is located on The Avenue, open Monday-Saturday.