Fresh, contemporary, healthy salads served with classic home-made fare

Whether your interest in eating well is newly found, or you have a deep-seeded passion for healthy living, one of your lunch-time staples will likely be a salad. Options have long been dull, predictable and unsatisfying. Not anymore.

Silverbeet serves a smorgasbord of creative, modern salad choices, made fresh each day. Taste is king. Recipes are inspired by cuisines from around the world, and given a thoroughly modern interpretation. The Silverbeet signature is a range of "off-the-spit" options, which combine your choice of spit-roasted meats with a delicious salad base to create a lunch that is satisfying on so many levels.

There are yummy wraps, and other healthy options available, plus a comprehensive breakfast menu for early-starters. 

Silverbeet is located in The Canteen on the ground level of Tower Two International Towers Sydney.