A new taste of Italy

Step into The Canteen to discover a pasta maker with over 160 years in the pasta game

To continue serving authentic pasta to the local community, the team behind Pasta Pantry in The Canteen have recently teamed up with Italy’s Rummo Pasta to supply the pasta for their outlets.

Rummo Pasta has been in the pasta-making game since 1846, and are known as the godfathers of time-honoured artisanal pasta making (yes... you might call them pasta masters!).

The story began when the Rummo family's horses began exploring the land in Sannio (about 60km from Naples), looking for the best durum wheat. Each journey began and ended in the town of Benevento, which was a strategic site for the ancient millers, who transformed grain into the highest quality flour. Today, after over 160 years, the old Rummo pasta factory has become an integral part of the old town of Benevento and has upheld tradition through six generations of master pasta-makers.

We're not lying when we say that this is some spaghetti you won't forgetti - so try out Pasta Pantry's build-your-own pasta range (where you can choose your pasta, sauce and flavourings, and have it served to you in just minutes); or if you're in a hurry, grab one of their ready-made pastas. They can also do larger catering orders - perfect for those workshops that run over lunch.

Pasta Pantry 3
Pasta Pantry is located in The Canteen (Tower Two), and is open Monday to Friday.