Get a fresh start to your new year's health kick

5 salads that are good for your body and good for your wallet.

So, “making healthier eating choices” made your list of new year’s resolutions (again). And this is the year you’re sticking to it for longer than a day! Easier said than done. Unless you’re gifted with a PhD in Nutritional Science, it isn’t always easy working out the perfect ratio of carbs to lean protein and healthy fats you can safely consume without laying waste to that summer body you worked so hard for. And grazing on carrot sticks all day simply isn’t an option.

For long-term success, healthy eating needs to be super-tasty, fresh, easy to get and affordable. And there’s one thing that ticks all those boxes with ease: salad. No, we’re not talking the “side” variety that acts one of the supporting cast to another main event. These go fork to fork with anything else in terms of substance and flavour, and are well ahead in the health stakes. You’re literally spoilt for choice when it comes to hearty, healthy bowls of salad goodness at The Streets. Here are five of our favourite picks under $15 that are guaranteed to please your taste buds, health goals and wallet in equal measure.


1. Lil Umami - Fishbowl

If you haven’t yet discovered The Street’s newest food gem, get your skates on to Scotch Row and take a moment to absorb a menu that’s as creative as it is flexible. These are salads, but not as you know them, served with a casual vibe that’s as cool as a side of avo.

The Lil Umami is a mix of free range chicken, kale, cucumber, nori, coriander and shallots, with red sesame dressing, tamari almonds and wasabi peas. Add a an extra ingredient for two bucks (avocado takes this recipe to another level).

Regular $12.90

Fish Bowl_Small

2. Barley, Beetroot, Feta & Walnut - Pasta Pantry

The goodness or barley, the brightly bite of beetroot, the saltiness of feta and the crunchy creaminess of walnuts. What’s not to love? Lightly dressed and combined with a generous scattering of fresh baby spinach leaves, this unites all the right food groups in a little bowl of goodness.

Medium $10.90

Pasta Pantry_Small

3. Chargrilled Cauliflower - Sumosalad

If one of your health resolutions is cut back on meat, let us introduce you to you new bestie. Cauliflower is perhaps the hottest vege in town right now, and a darling of the plant-based eating movement because of it’s texture, flavour and ability to full you up with nutritional goodness. SumoSalad do it tasty justice by lightly chargrilling it and combining with pumpkin, soy chips and a tahini turmeric dressing. It’s low in carbs, cholesterol, salt, sugar, is low GI, dairy free and vegan.

Regular $11.95


4. North Coast Shrimp Poke - Costi's Fish & Chips

The holidays may be over, but this bowl of low-carb summer yum from Costi’s might soften the blow. Fresh Australian tiger prawns, mango salsa, edamame beans, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, bean sprouts. Try the zucchini noodle base and lime coriander dressing for some extra bite and goodness. 

Medium $13.90


5. Myoko Bowl - Verd

When all you do is salad, you kinda get awesome at it. The team at Verd have absolutely nailed the delicate balance of flavour and goodness, and all without an animal protein in site. One of the most popular recipes is the Myoko, a perfectly balanced mix of brown rice, kale, Chinese cabbage, fresh tofu, cucumber, tamari almonds, red radish, carrot, spring onion, furikake and picked ginger finished with a light miso sesame dressing.

Regular $14.90