What's cooking this Autumn?

Seasonality is the lifeblood of every great menu; and now that we’re entering the cooler seasons (with the odd 30 degree day thrown in!), the earth, sea and land are sprouting a whole raft of new ingredients for clever chefs to create seasonal magic with. Here are just a few new flavours to explore.


1. Crema Catalan | Born by Tapavino

It’s not often you can improve on a much-loved classic, but pastry chef Francesca Palecio has done just that in the kitchens of Born. Unlike its French cousin the crème brûlée, the caramelised sugar crust on the new Crema Catalan is replaced with a gluten-free tuile, spotted with cocoa nibs. It’s served with a blood orange granita, and seasonal micro herbs, pomegranate and berries.


Born by Tapavino_Creme Catalan

2. Buddha Bowls | Bings

A recent addition to the already tasty Bings repertoire, the new range of buddha bowls take a visual cue from Korean staple Bibimbap, with an assortment of tasty and healthy ingredients neatly arranged and waiting to be devoured. Chef Mindy Woods (of Masterchef fame) has struck the perfect balance of flavour, health and great value, with options including coconut chicken and sriracha-maple tofu.


Bings_Buddha Bowl

3.Seared Hiramasa Kingfish | love.fish

As any respected chef will tell you, what goes on the plate depends on what’s growing in the ground at the time. For seafood chef Michael Milkovic, it also depends on what’s swimming in the ocean too. His early morning trips to the markets every second day are currently yielding seasonal golden beets and zucchini flowers, which he’s pairing with a lightly seared kingfish at love.fish for a match made in autumnal heaven.



4. Roast Fennel Risotto | Banksii

"Fennel is at its best at the start of autumn, when it’s in full swing and at its sweetest,” says Executive Chef Hamish Ingham. “One of the best uses for fennel is in the perfect risotto - like our risotto of roast fennel, fresh herbs and Pecorino Romano, a new feature on our autumn menu.” Banksii’s new autumn menu also features fennel salumi in a charcuterie plate. Must try!


Banksii Charcuterie

5. Bento Lunch Boxes | Fujisaki

Surely nothing represents the traditional values and food philosophy of Japan like the humble bento. Now available for lunch from Mondays to Wednesdays, the Fujisaki bento box takes traditional flavours to a new level (naturally). The cold option features tuna marinated in dashi and vinegar, while the hot option serves up chicken karaage, crumbed pork or grilled fish.


Fujisaki Bento Boxes

6. Chilli & Lime Cruller | Shortstop

As Homer Simpson would attest, it’s always the right time for a donut. But sometimes the changing of the seasons allows for a fresh injection of creative thinking and flavours - such as this newly-released and limited-time addition to the Shortstop Coffee & Donuts menu: dried chilli flakes, combined with lime zest, and cayenne pepper in a heart shaped cruller. Homer would approve.


Shortstop_Chilli Lime Donut