A Different Fit is Coming.

See how Virgin Active Barangaroo will transform the way you work out.

When it opens in March, Virgin Active Barangaroo will bring together best in architecture, art, science and technology to create a training experience like no other.

The gym has personalisation at its core (finally, it's all about you!) - and it starts before your workout has even begun, with cycle shoes ready on arrival and a trainer who knows you by name. As you move into the classes, the experience continues with soundscapes on daily rotation, jet fans in studios, and choreographed lighting.

Each aspect of the club has been carefully curated, resulting in premium studios for boxing, cycle, strength and cardio. To find out more about what the sessions involve - read on!

1. Focus Boxing

With the new Focus Boxing class, it's all between you and the bag.

This immersive workout strengthens your body, builds discipline, and gives you a mental workout - giving you the chance to take a break from the daily grind. As you reel off power punching combinations, the studio's thumping tunes and boxing arena lighting will allow you to become immersed in a wholly new boxing environment.

No detail has been overlooked for this class either – you'll be given ozone-cleaned leather gloves, and a personal light on your boxing bag - for a no-holds-barred experience that leaves your limits behind.


2. Revolution Cycle

Forget the metrics. Virgin Active's Revolution Cycle class revolves around you!

With custom-designed bikes (which are made for dancing and doing push-ups on as much as they are for riding), shoes ready on arrival, and fresh daily beats - every element of this new cycle program works together to make this class a revolution in spin training.

Virgin's rockstar trainers will inspire you to keep to the beat and hold your attention with uplifting playlists and pep-talks - so you'll hardly even notice you’re working out. And with freestyle moments allowing you to run wild, it’s a cardio and conditioning revolution for the mind, body and soul.


3. Burn Strength & Cardio

The Burn Strength and Conditioning class is a calorie-incinerating combination of traditional strength training and cardio intervals - which keeps your body working even after you've left (we like the sound of that).

And because a next level workout deserves a next level space - the purpose-built studio for this class will see you run, push, pull, lunge and skip on the revolutionary SKILLMILL, in between routines of muscle-burning dumbbell and kettlebell intervals.

Each day will focus on a different area of the body, with choreographed lighting, music and inspiring coaching to get you through this super-effective 45-minute workout.


4. Personal Training

Keeping up the commitment to your health and wellness isn't always easy - which is why the Virgin Active team can help you develop a personal training program that fits you.

Offering structured and varied sessions that work with the demands of your life, their PT experts can maximise the effectiveness of your training - which means less time in the gym, and more time for...  well... life!


Be one of the first to experience the future of exercise with Virgin Active Barangaroo. Memberships are available now with exclusive pre-sale offers available for a limited time only.

Visit virginactive.com.au/barangaroo to find out more.