Green Ladder

Part sculpture, part garden, part sanctuary.
If you've walked through Exchange Place lately, you'll have seen the impressive bamboo grid structure sitting outside Wild Sage. This is Green Ladder, an architectural pavilion by Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia.

Originally commissioned by the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Green Ladder is an example of innovative, sustainable design; using bamboo - sometimes referred to as 'green steel' - to demonstrate how nature can be integrated into urban areas. 

For Vo, it's all about reconnecting city workers and residents with the natural environment, inspired by his native Vietnam. “I want to bring nature back to the city,” Vo said in 2016. “In Ho Chi Minh City, the population has reached nearly 10 million with only 5.35 square kilometres of green space – only 0.25 percent of the entire city. Vietnam’s unrestricted economic development has devastated the natural environment across the country. This is the problem architects need to solve.”

Green Ladder will be on display at Barangaroo until 2 May 2018, and is presented by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority in collaboration with the Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas (SCCI). 

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