BY NYE Jewellery

Each piece is one of a kind - just like the woman wearing it.

No no, BY NYE isn't a vague New Year's Eve party reference - it's an exciting new Australian label you can discover at The Waiting Room, which has a range of pieces in store from the brand's Badlands collection.

Creating contemporary jewellery that combines art and fashion into luxurious wearable pieces, BY NYE was founded by designer Nye De Marchi (ahhh... that explains the brand's name) in her home studio in North Carlton, Melbourne.

Each of her pieces is one of a kind, and designed to appeal your inquisitive, mystery-seeking side. Says Nye, "I think of her (the wearer) as elegant, but unexpectedly so. She loves being challenged and approaches life with the constant hope that magic may ensue."

Nye's latest collection, Badlands, is a collection of jewels inspired by photographer Ansel Adams, and his work in New Mexico and Yosemite National Park that depict a wild landscape; full of life and movement.

Inspired by the visceral state of nature captured in Adam’s ‘performances’, Badlands features wearable sculptures that draw on the forms of the mountain facades and the movements of rolling clouds and flowing water. The collection combines this natural electricity with precious metals, creating a dramatic landscape in flux.

The pieces are well and truly worth checking out, so step into The Waiting Room for a closer look.

Fluid Earrings
Yosemite Earrings
Yosemite ring, bangle and pendant
Yosemite ring and bangle

The Waiting Room is located on the corner of Shipwright Walk and Scotch Row, and is open 7 days a week.