#GiftHappy - Get It Wrapped, For Free!

You know that feeling of finishing all your Christmas shopping... only to realise you've forgotten the all-important wrapping paper? Well, we're helping you avoid that this year by offering complimentary gift wrapping for anything you buy at The Streets until 23 December!

There are three customs designs to choose from (and for some Christmas respite, there aren't any drawings of sleighs, reindeer or Santa to be seen), illustrated by our festive artist Sha'an d'Anthes (@furrylittlepeach) - who you might know as one of the artists from Authority Creative who recently created some amazing freehand art on the windows of Collector Store.

Gift Wrapping 2


Our expert gift wrapper will be set up in The Standard Store (on Scotch Row) at the following dates and times - so just head there with your receipt/s and let someone else do the hard work for you!

Get It Wrapped
Gift Wrapping designs