Scandi...and beyond!

Mattias Friberg & Kristina Vikman, The Waiting Room

The original inspiration for creating The Waiting Room was to celebrate all things Nordic. After falling in love with Australia, and discovering our laid- back lifestyle and blue skies were highly compatible with the ‘Scandi’ aesthetic, husband and wife Mattias Friberg and Kristina Vikman said goodbye to Sweden (and a career in neuroscience for Kristina) to literally set up shop - first in Melbourne, and then Sydney - selling the brands they loved back home.

The pair quickly found an audience with an insatiable appetite  for Nordic style, and later, for the lesser-known European and American labels they discovered on their travels, including HOPE, Want Les Essentiels and Royal Republiq.


“Our store is less about seasonal trends, and more about design we admire. It’s enduring, and has a story,” says Stephanie Dwine, Manager, The Waiting Room. “We sell nice clothes to nice people. The people attracted to our concept share our values. We become connected through the appreciation of beautiful things, and that’s special.”     

‘Scandi’, as it’s often called, is a design style that emerged in Northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway) in the early-to-mid 20th century. It placed function and affordability over luxury, characterised by clean, minimal design, pale colours, natural materials and a profound focus on sustainability.

For Mattias and Kristina, ‘Scandi’ is more of a life philosophy, that is celebrated in the design of the store itself as much as it is in the fashion and accessories from around the world they select to showcase.

Designed by interior architects BKH, The Waiting Room Barangaroo store is highly sustainable, and features eco- friendly materials such as American Oak and non-toxic paint. The result is a light- filled space that feels tranquil and happy - the perfect environment to appreciate beautiful design. 

Mattias Friberg

The Waiting Room is located on Scotch Row, and is open 7 days a week.